What Does “QDF” Mean in SEO Terms

Posted by Cincinnati SEO on July 10th, 2011

Recently, a blog post on SEOMoz highlighted what employers should look for when hiring a competent SEO, (One like me who loves this stuff!). One of the terms they told employees to ask is “What does “QDF” stand for in terms of SEO?”.
What does QDF Mean
“QDF” stands for “Query Deserves Freshness”.

This means that your article loses ranking value over time if it is not linked-to, referenced, updated, or contain a good discussion, etc.

Google uses a database called Big Table. Big Table uses columns and rows to store information, one of the id’s is a Time Stamp signature. This allows for Google to remove or attribute an algorithm of importance to the age of an article. It is important for Google to display the latest information available as well as stalwart information they can trust and reference too.

Good luck on the interview!

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