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SEO Ohio is located in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, we have lower overhead costs than the guys on the coasts. Therefore, we offer the lowest prices for search engine optimization services while offering around the clock SEO service.

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Keyword Research

Whether you want to attack the front page with everything we got or play for the small niches your keywords have to be well researched and right on point. We select the most profitable terms among thousands and funnel those down into a list of ten, then continue to analyze those terms to offer you a strategy based on the numbers.

Competition Analysis

Knowing what kind of SEO and link system your competition is using gives you the edge to move above them in the search engine rankings. We take your main competitors and chart their terms, titles, meta tags, and number of links to determine what you will need to do to rank higher.

Meta tags, titles, alt attributes

Proper Meta tags are vital to avoid costly penalties by the search engines, mistakes can make your site look like spam to the search engines and cost you in penalties while missing tags can leave crucial gaps in your ability to rank in the search engines. A proper description is necessary for each page of your website, each picture needs to have an alt attribute, and every page in your site needs its unique title.

Content Copy Writing and Editing

SEO Ohio uses what we call “three fold web content”. This is our multi level content writing system that:

  • sells your product
  • Includes the perfect percentage of keywords
  • Is entertaining and “lands” the visitors

This means that we write web content copy that includes the right amount of keywords for the search engines, that is entertaining as all good content should be, and leads your website visitors to the check out page in order to maximize your conversion of visitors into sales. Our staff’s creative writing background and unique keyword program allow us to write the perfect web content copy that has just the right amount of keywords to strengthen your page rank for those terms without being considered keyword stuffing. We hit the sweet spot where most SEO “specialist” don’t even know where the sweet spot is.

Clean source code

Have you ever put a dollar into a vending machine only to have it spit back out at you? The vending machine has certain parameters it is looking for and if the dollar bill does not have those parameters then the machine does not recognize the dollar bill. It is the same with your website’s source code and the machines that parse the information on your website; your website has to have clean validated source code and include everything that the search engine parsing machine is looking for, or else it gets “spit back out”.

A site that is easily cataloged by the search engine robots will rank sooner; we run your source code through a myriad of test and address every issue until we are satisfied that your code is not only clean, but also prepared for the future of the internet.

Website Analytics

Online marketing’s greatest attribute is in the ability to gather data on the people who view your web site and advertising promotional materials. This data is imperative in optimizing your campaigns for the greatest ROI and effectiveness. Whether you are new to tracking website data or have been collecting the data for years we can start the process and interpret the results, because data is only as good as how it is interpreted and put to work for you.

Find out how many people visit your site each day, where they are, where they came from online, how they found you, what they did at your site, how long they were their, set up conversion goals to continually tweak your site to optimize it for its greatest potential. The amount of information available right now is the reason I think that if you are not online you are seriously un armed in the market were your competitors know significant amounts of information and are equipped to the teeth with access to tremendous information to aid their decision making.

SEO Web Design

SEO Ohio can build your web presence from the ground up, we understand the importance of not only of getting your site ranked high in the search engines but also retaining the visitors to your web site once they find you and converting those visitors into sales.
SEO Ohio’s web design team is on the creative leading edge or website design as well as fluent in server side scripting language; in simple terms, we know how to make databases work for you such as building an effective contact list.

Link Building Services

Link building is essential to your online marketing campaign; you must get ingrained into your market to prove that you are an authority in the field. SEO Ohio knows how to find the links and establishes the links for you. Link building takes time, but SEO Ohio spends that time to ensure that your business is solidly linked in to the online network. We market your website to last and grow with the online economy, we want you to sleep at night knowing that your website is gaining popularity every day without the fear of being penalized by Google for overzealous marketing.
SEO Ohio uses it’s pro membership in SEOMOZ to find and acquire the quality links that your website needs to gain authority on the web. We also identify the websites that you want to link to; Google views your outbound links as a sign of trust. If you are linking to quality organizations you are probably quality. Call us today to discuss our methods and great prices for link building for websites in the USA.

Integrated Blogging and Ghost Blogging

Blogs are a the best way to have a continual internet marketing presence online. They offer direct communication with your clients and fans and serve as a tool to build loyalty among your products users. Blogs offer a two way communication route and that is the strangest aspect of what internet marketing can offer you. If you know what your customers want, all you have to do is give it to them.

SEO Ohio builds professional and fully integrated blogs. An integrated blog will be integrated into your main website in order to optimize the linkage between the blog and your web site. An integrated blog will not only be integrated into your website but will have all the widgets you need integrated into the blog to make the blog effective and give it total marketing potential.

A fully integrated blog will have an RSS (Really Simple Syndicate) feed, a button (widget) that with one press a visitor can add your blog to major blog networks and news agencies sharing your blog with the world, a link to your main page, links to your social network sites, an e-mail sign up list, an analytical tracking program to monitor and adjust the blog accordingly, links to other resources, and as always, your integrated blog will be entertaining and include keywords.

Reputation Tracking

Never before has it been this possible to know what people are saying about your products and your company. And never before has it been this important to stay up to the minute on your reputation, Bear Sterns went from a 17 billion dollar mainstay to bankruptcy in seven days due to RUMORS! See what is being said about your company in real time. This not only allows you to address any issues that are arising for your company but by tracking your reputation you can create the appropriate marketing strategy, if any, will work for your company, and you’ll be that much better equipped moving your company forward knowing what the people want and expect of you and your company. This information is truly priceless.

Social Network Marketing

For certain industries social networking can be a boon to build loyalty, gather followers, spread a marketing message virally (from person to person), and let your followers know what you and your company are about. We use the latest programs to find quality Twitter profiles and popular bloggers to direct the message were we want it to start while tracking results through a myriad of programs and software.

Competition Research

SEO Ohio is available for all types of research projects. Whether your company wants to know how many people visited a the smokey mountains last year or what the average cost is for climbing mount Everest, SEO Ohio can put it’s research team to work for your company’s needs.

Press and Page Rank

Promoting your business online includes writing and updating positive press about your business. Placing your press online opens the opportunity that your press gets taken up internationally and spread around the globe for you. Online press serves an important role in maintaining a high page rank, by linking all of your online press to your main website you add quality links to you website increasing your page rank which ranks your site higher in the search engines

List Building and E-mail

Online marketing affords the opportunity to build your list of potential customers that’s vital to keeping the flame of your business stoked and developing a loyal client relationship. We make sure that you are taking advantage of this important part of growing your business. SEO Ohio can manage you mass e-mail accounts as well creating quality letters and tacking the results.


Think of what you could learn about your product and services if you had a closed group of users discussing your product unihibited and freely discussing what they like and what they don’t like. You will be able to hone in on and apply the fixes to streamline your product perfectly. SEO Ohio has researches and identifies the best forum host for your company. We establish the forum to your parameters helping you design the metrics so to best achieve the results and ability to gain the wealth of information.

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