Increasing Conversions Using Twitter by Targeting Specific Followers

Posted by Cincinnati SEO on November 10th, 2009

How to Target Local Traffic on Twitter

Twellowhood is an incredible resource for targeting specific users on Twitter. Twellowhood allows an individual to find Twitter users via location, occupation, or other key terms in a persons public profile. This means that if I want to follow all the CEO’s in Cincinnati I can find them on Twellowhood (as long as they say that they are a CEO in their profile). Twellowhood’s ability to list users by location in an easy to use list GUI makes this program a must have. Also, your account profile is a nice link to your website.

Free Essential Twitter Management software

Twiping is a terrific Twitter management system that allows you to do many functions. Download and sign in using your Twitter account information. Once it pulls your friends and followers you will be able to manage the list of people that you are following who are not following you, manage the list of people who are following you who you are not following, and with one push of a button you can follow, un-follow, or mark as safe any list that you create. TwiPing is very easy to use. TwiPing offers a great search function, just click on “Twitter search” tab and you can perform searches in all of the Twitter database. TwiPing will list the latest 100 twitter profiles relative to your search and you can then bulk follow if you wish. By using keyword searches and “#”, or topic searches, you can strategically follow people who you might be interested in and whom might be interested in following you.

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